Dundun/Dineen Family Name

According to some documents by Sean Briody, son of Steve Briody — great great grandson of Alice O’Donnell Kellem – Mary’s maiden name is Dundun. On a picture I have it is Dineen… I have yet to see or find the documents of which he speaks and he will not share them.

Our Mary Dineen married Michael O’Donnell, parents of James J. and Alice Faye. Mary is said to be from Limerick.

“O’Dinneen” The Dinneen surname is seldom found with the ‘O’prefix. It is a name of County Cork in Ireland.

The Dineens descend from the O’Duinnin sept of that county, and are anciently of the corca Laoidhe. The family served as poets and antiquarians to the McCarthy Mor and the Sullivans.

Dinan and Dynan are variant spellings in Co. Cork. Some of the clan adopted the English surname of Downing, a name of Cork and Kerry. O’Hart gives ‘O’Dinan or Downing as chiefs of Uaithne, now the barony of Owneybeg in Limerick.

At the turn of the last century Dineen and Dinneen were the two preferred spellings of the name, both of which were centered in Co. Cork. Earlier in the census of 1659, Dinane was a principal name of county Cork”.

Dinan/Dynan/Dinant are of Celtic origin. They are found in France (Brittany) in the 10th century in the city of Dinan and in Belgium toward the 11th/12th centuries, in the city of Dinant (once Deonan). The Dinand family of Belgium were in the La Rochelle area of France via a dutchwoman who came to France to trade.

The original name was Dinan/Dinant, but the “d” letter appeared in the name sometime around 1650. According to Phillipe, his ancestors are originally from Belgium, in the city of Neufchateau, and he has information back to 1630.

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