My name is Kathleen and I am Irish American. I have been very interested in my Irish history, including my personal genealogy. This site is basically a study of my Father’s family but my Mother also has a lot of Irish blood in her (along with Scots). I haven’t studied her Irish history in much depth yet, but it is on my to-do-list.

All of this family research has led to much interest in Irish history in general so there are stories, histories, a few biographies, legends and much more. Have fun researching!

If you have questions feel free to post a comment or send an email.

Happy Hunting!


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    Ms. Kathleen said,

    If you wish to post some Irish history or genealogy you may contact me at mskathleen@thejoyfulservant.com or just leave your information in the comments section.

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    Seamus O'Donnell said,

    I am trying to locate info about my Great Grandfather’s O’Donnell brothers and sisters. His name was William James O’Donnell. His father Hugh W. O’Donnell came to Brooklyn in 1836. My uncle found a manifest showing that his wife’s name as Anne Trimm. My uncle who found this info just past away a year ago. We are hoping that maybe my Great Grandfather’s brothers and sisters have info on where are family is from in Ireland. I forgot to mention William James O’Donnell was 1 of 13. He had 2 sons William and Francis that were twins and raised by the Mc Gaughn family because both mother and father passed away when the boys were very young. I probably spelled Mc Gaughn wrong. Anyway I hope you can help and thank you either way.

    Best regards,
    Seamus O’Donnell

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    Ruby Callahan said,

    My maiden name is Callahan. I was born in Georgia.I want to know about my heritage.

  4. 4

    Iam a Callahan to I have. Irsh and Swedish and american Indian Cherokee looking for my geneanolgy on the Callahan side I no there is a Callahan reunion in missippi

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